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PipeTech Auscodes
AUSCODES has teamed up with an American pipeline software Company called PIPETECH and we have created together a program called PIPETECH AUSCODES that will run the WSA 05 2013 CODES The program will be produced as a CCTV operators truck version and an office version. At this stage Auscodes will be distributing, licensing and training interested customers Read More

Need Training?
To use the new Sewer Inspection Codes of Australia WSA 05-2008? For Course registration form, see the training page and send in your details. If you have already trained and have your accreditation for WSA 05-2002, there is a registration PDF for you to apply for a one day refresher course to upgrade to the WSA 05-2008. Use the 'Contact us' page and get a registration form.

PipeTech Auscodes


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