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PipeTech Auscodes
AUSCODES has teamed up with an American pipeline software Company called PIPETECH and we have created together a program called PIPETECH AUSCODES that will run the WSA 05-2020 CODES The program will be produced as a CCTV operators truck version and an office version. At this stage Auscodes will be distributing, licensing and training interested customers. For further info please use the contact page.

Need Training?
To use the new Sewer Inspection Codes of Australia WSA 05-2020? For Course registration form, see the training page and send in your details. If you have already trained and have your accreditation for WSA 05-2013, there is a registration PDF for you to apply for a one day refresher course to upgrade to the WSA 05-2020. Use the 'Contact us' page and get a registration form. For further info use the contact page

Cracking the codes

29 January 2021

A new update of the Conduit Condition Codes of Australia, WSA 05-2020 Ver 4.1, arrived in late 2020. by Peter Slingsby, Auscodes

A lot of effort went into this update, with the code seeing significant revision, updates and testing to address the shortcomings and ambiguity of previous versions, but more importantly to bring scoring into line with practical applications and expectancy.

In 2021, we hope to see widespread adoption of this code.

Problems associated with 2008 and 2013 codes including scoring, descriptions, conduit materials and the general application of codes have been revised.

Some helpful additions have also been added, for example separating main conduit scores from lateral scores, faster input of codes, refined quantification measurements (for quicker identification and descriptions of problem areas etc.).

The new codes are produced in a digital manual that can be purchased and downloaded via the web here.

Whilst the consistency of language, scoring and application has been improved, this does not automatically translate to improved outcomes unless the assessor is adequately skilled and competent to classify and record information to the standard (or any previous versions of WSA05). More

What some of the scientific world think of A.I! - The Age 30/01/2021

Kay and King agree, saying that if humans don't make decisions in the computer-like way economists assume we do, "it is not because we are stupid hut because we are smart. And it is because we are smart that humans have become the dominant species on Earth.

"Our intelligence is designed for large worlds, not small. Human intelligence is effective at understanding complex problems within an imperfectly defined context, and at finding courses of action which are good to get us through the remains of the day and the rest of our lives. [Which aren’t the best solutions, but are "good enough".]

"The idea that our intelligence is defective because we are inferior to computers in solving certain kind- of routine mathematical puzzles fails to recognise that few real problems have the character of mathematical puzzles.

"The assertion that our cognition is  defective by virtue of systematic 'biases’ or  'natural stupidity’ is implausible in the light of the evolutionary origins of that cognitive ability. If it were adaptive [in the survival-of- the-fittest sense] to be like computers we  would have evolved to be more like computers than we are... ,

"Õur knowledge of context and our ability to interpret it has been acquired over thousands of years. These capabilities are encoded in our genes, taught to us by our parents and teachers, enshrined in the social norms of our ' culture,” they conclude.

PipeTech Auscodes


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